Check out our GGI videos, created for us by Alexander Love of Love Films. The list below is organized by category.

The Goddard Vision:

Goddard Cultivates Visionaries – Sarah Van Hoy, faculty

A Place of Transformational Energy – Lise Weil, faculty

Programs Arising from Student Needs – Ruth Farmer, program director

Dismantling Problems and Looking for New Voices – Karen Campbell, faculty

Bringing Together Interdisciplinary Knowledge – Bob Kenny, Goddard president

Preparing Students for the Real World – Sarah Van Hoy, faculty

What Is Your Work Challenging in the World? – Jim Sparrell, faculty

Goddard Will Open Doors for You – Seema Reza, alumni

A Project-Based Program with Room to Grow – Ruth Farmer, program director

A Thinking Organism – Sarah Van Hoy, faculty

Goddard is a Place for People Willing to Bet On Themselves – Steve Wright, student

Responsible Action in the World – Bob Kenny, Goddard president

A Life-Changing Education – Britta Love, alumni

Goddard Gives You a Voice – Diasie Sammy-Christopher, alumni

Encouraging Students’ Visionary Capacities – Sarah Van Hoy, faculty

Overview of Godard Programs – Francis X. Charet, faculty

It Was As If I Came Home – Diasie Sammy-Christopher, alumni

Learning Relevant to My Passions – Joe Mason, student

Being in Better Contact With Ourselves, the Earth, and the Cosmos – Lise Weil, faculty

The Agony and Ecstasy of Changing the World — Karen Campbell, faculty
Trust the Process:

Following My Internal Guidance – Britta Love, alumni

Learning the Language to Do My Work – Seema Reza, alumni

Expansive Questions – Justin Kagan, alumni

The Process of Reflection and Dialogue – Karen Campbell, faculty

A Spiderweb of Learning – Ruth Farmer, program director

So Many Thought-Provoking Conversations at Residencies – Joe Mason

Learning That’s Always Revealing Itself – Joe Mason, student

Ending Up Exactly Where I Was Supposed to End Up – Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg, faculty

Things Come Together in the Most Wild and Wonderful Ways – Britta Love, alumni

You Get Out of It What You Put Into It – Hayley Lewis, student

Knowing My Center But Being Open to New Perspectives – Hayley Lewis, student

Finding Our Way to Goddard:

Finding Goddard – Justin Kagan, alumni

The Long, Winding Path to Goddard – Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg, faculty

The Goddard Model:

Why I Love the Low-Residency Model – Zelda Johnson, student

You Are Still Living in the World of Experience – Bob Kenny, Goddard president

The Flexibility of the Degree and Low-Residency Model – Emily Carr, student

Personal Education, Resonance and Meaning – Jim Sparrell, faculty

Low Residency Worked for Me As An International Student – Diasie Sammy-Christopher, alumni

The Residency Model: The Interconnectivity of Ideas and Belonging – Jim Sparrell, faculty

Technology in Services of Questions, Ideas, Solutions Becoming Global – Ruth Farmer, program director

The Brigadoon of Residencies – Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg, faculty

Say It However You Want to Say It – Emily Carr, student

A Magical Place – Britta Love, alumni

Learning Ongoing as You Go Through Life – Seema Reza, alumni

Making Sure the Program is Lively and Serves the Students – Ruth Farmer, program director

Goddard’s Low-Residency Model – Francis X. Charet, faculty

Residency as a Co-Learning Environment – Ruth Farmer, program director

Pursuing My Goals with a Family — Tim Simmons, student


Individualized MA:

Translating Academic Language into More Accessible Terms – Hayley Lewis, student

Everyone Doing Something Different than Everybody Else – Karen Campbell, faculty

My Own Journey of Discovery Can Lead Me Where I Need to Be — Tim Simmons, student

Health Arts & Sciences:

Creating New Conversations in Health – Sarah Van Hoy, faculty

Evidence-Based Changes – Zelda Johnson, student

The Social Life of Natural Foods –– Diasie Sammy-Christopher, alumni

Alternative Medicine for Hypertension – Zelda Johnson, student

Health Arts and Sciences at the Visionary Edge – Sarah Van Hoy, faculty

Social Innovation and Sustainability:

Listening-Based Community Engagement and Locally-Sourced Sustainability – Steve Wright, student

Community-Led Change in Laguana San Ignacio in Baja California – Steve Wright, student

From Trash to Homes and Community – Steve Wright, student

Education That Fun, Engaging and Passionate – Emily Carr, student

Transformative Language Arts:

Rewriting Our Mythologies and Founding Transformative Language Arts – Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg, faculty

Transformative Language Arts, Health and Community – Seema Reza, alumni

Transformative Language Arts Podcast with Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg and Teri Grunthaner

Consciousness Studies:

The Relationship Between Practice and Consciousness – Justin Kagan, alumni

Embracing All Aspects of Consciousness – Britta Love, alumni

The Organic Process of Developing Consciousness Studies – Francis X. Charet, faculty

The Beginning of Consciousness – Justin Kagan, alumni

Roots of Mindfulness – Justin Kagan, alumni

Embodiment Studies:

Accessing All of Ourselves – Lise Weil, faculty

Understanding Embodiment Studies – Britta Love, alumni

A New Lens and New Language – Britta Love, alumni