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Leadership, Progressive Education, and Asking Important Questions: Ruth Farmer, Director of GGI

“A good leader leaves a path for the brilliance of others,” explains Ruth Farmer in this podcast interview with Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg. Here she elaborates on how collaborative community can think together about important issues and take part in real dialogue, … Continue reading

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Ruth Farmer on Writing, Dancing, Teaching, Farmer and More

In a recent radio show interview on Karla Haas-Moskowitz’s show, “Ethereal: The Possibilities of a Floating Particle of Dust,” Ruth Farmer talked about being a writer, dancing, teacher, and farmer and more. Karla, who is faculty in the Education program … Continue reading

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Goddard as Co-Learning Environment with Ruth Farmer

Goddard functions as a co-learning environment, students and faculty learning side-by-side in line with the principles of progressive education and based on the premise that people know best what they need to learn and how they need to learn it. … Continue reading

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Programs that Arise Out of Student Needs with Ruth Farmer

Ruth Farmer, GGI program director, knows a lot about how to guide the programs offered by the Goddard Graduate Institute to keep them in tune with evolving student needs. Here, she talks about her work in keeping the educational environment … Continue reading

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A Spiderweb of Learning at Goddard with Ruth Farmer

What are we asking students when they consider Goddard? Ruth Farmer, GGI program director, talks about how an idea can evolve into a study that enhances a student’s life, work and community. Watch this short video, part of a new … Continue reading

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A Project-Based Program with Room to Grow

The Goddard Graduate Institute offers project-based programs in which students design and grow their own projects with attention to community and self-discovery and relevance. Ruth Farmer, GGI program director, talks about what crafting and growing your own project, and vision, … Continue reading

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Technology in Service of Questions, Solutions and Ideas Becoming Global with Ruth Farmer

How do we interact with technology in ways that enhance our studies and help us grow the reach of our work? Ruth Farmer, GGI program director, talks about how we’ve evolved and are continually evolving our technology to help students … Continue reading

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