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Why I Marched: Joanna Tebbs Young

Joanna Tebbs Young, a graduate of GGI in Transformative Language Arts, recently published an article on “Why I Matched” in the Rutland Reader, where she’s a regular contributor. She wrote, …..I, along with everyone else there that day, believe in … Continue reading

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IMA Graduates Look at the Bystander Borderline, Calling Little Gypsy Home, Sex Trafficking, Ecological Design, Spiritual Ecology, Yiddishland and Faerieland Activism, and Consciousness

The Bystander Borderline: Witnessing the Judicial, Social, and Clinical Repercussions of being a Female–Identified Trauma Survivor, with IMA graduating student Victoria Mosey. With 1 out of every 4 women experiencing domestic violence or sexual assault in their lifetime, with these … Continue reading

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Ghosts As Metaphor For Lack of Place: Sed Dickerson And What Haunts Us

“Part of being a ghost is having a lack of place, which extends far beyond the physical.” So says IMA student Sed Dickerson in an interview with fellow student Joanna Tebbs Young in The Magazine of Yoga. In looking at … Continue reading

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Wisdom Within & Writing: Joanna Tebbs Young

“When I began running workshops I knew this was what I was meant to be doing. I love working with others; showing how powerful deep, personal writing can be. To watch someone’s reaction when they suddenly realize or ‘get’ something … Continue reading

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