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Feminist Solidarity Workshop with Students Anna Weick and Hayley Lewis

Returning students and activists Anna Weick (SIS) and Hayley Lewis (IMA) teamed up to host a workshop about feminism and gender liberation at the Spring 2018 Goddard Graduate Institute residency. This workshop, “Feminist Solidarity: Engaging an Intergenerational, Inclusive and Intersectional … Continue reading

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Waking in the Forest, Survivor Magic, Plant Medicine, Feminist Solidarity, and Movement and Meaning: Student Workshops at the Spring 2018 Residency

Here’s a sampling of some of the workshops presented by students at the Spring 2018 residency in February at Goddard College: Awake in the Forest: Practices for Deepening Your Bond with Nature, HAS student, Micah Mortali. In this workshop we … Continue reading

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New Perspectives and Conversations: Hayley Lewis and Joe Mason

Finding new perspectives and conversations in central to GGI studies. Listen to what students Joe Mason and Hayley Lewis have to say about this process. These videos are part of a series done by videographer Alexander Love. Learn more about … Continue reading

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Translating Academic Language into More Accessible Terms with Hayley Lewis

Hayley Lewis explains how her study, on “the political history and present-day realities of reproductive justice and reproductive justice,” leads her to find more accessible language for conceptualizing and communicating this study. These videos are part of a series done … Continue reading

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“You’ll Get Out of It What You Put Into It”: Hayley Lewis on the Goddard Experience

Hayley Lewis, a student at the Goddard Graduate Institute, talks about what led her to Goddard, and what she discovered here. These videos are part of a series done by videographer Alexander Love. Learn more about his work here.

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