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Danielle Boutet: Alchemy, Art and Knowledge That Matters and Connects

Danielle Boutet is concerned with knowledge that makes sense, means something, and connects us to ourselves and the world. Furthermore, this kind of knowledge isn’t so much in librairies and research papers, but is embodied in knowers. “We all have … Continue reading

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The Knowledge of Knowledge with Danielle Boutet

“The Knowledge of Knowledge: a Transdisciplinary Journey From Interdisciplinary Arts to the Construction of Knowledge,” Danielle Boutet’s talk at the spring 2015 Goddard Graduate Institute residency illuminated how essential what we know and how we know it is to the … Continue reading

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Watch Danielle Boutet Discuss Knowledge that Matters and Connects

As I walked through the cafeteria this morning, I heard the buzz from one table to the next. “There is no knowledge without the knowledge of knowledge,” one of the students was telling her friend, quoting Danielle Boutet quoting Edgar Morin. … Continue reading

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Danielle Boutet & Susan Moul: Two Special Guests at Upcoming Residency

Lecture and Discussion: Knowledge that Matters, Makes Sense and Connects: Transdisciplinarity and Complexity in Individualized Studies, with Visiting Scholar, Dr. Danielle Boutet, Ph.D. The IMA program offers students the opportunity to research their own passions and craft their own programs … Continue reading

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