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Social Justice Tours with Alumni Dan Kaminsky

New York City attracts a lot of tourists interested in history, culture, and big city adventure, but too often such tours hide some of the more vital history of the social justice issues inherent to every landmark. Dan Kaminsky, a … Continue reading

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Graduating Student Presentations: Worker Cooperatives, Finding Food, Design for Social Change, and Healing the Soul

Asking, We Walk: An Exploration in Organizing, Cooperatives and How to Live, with Graduating Student Dan Kaminsky. This presentation will look at the worker cooperative as a form of anti-capitalist social change. We will then delve into a bit of … Continue reading

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500 Miles by Bike from Brooklyn to Goddard: Dan Kaminsky

Getting to a residency can take time, not to mention trains, planes and automobiles. Dan Kaminsky, a student in the Social Innovation and Sustainability MA Program, decided to forego the usual transportation to bike about 500 miles from his home … Continue reading

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