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Sound Medicine and Healing Pilgrimages with Angela Blueskies

Angela Blueskies graduated from the Goddard Individualized MA program almost a decade ago, focusing her studies on pilgrimages, and in the process, taking and writing deeply about pilgrimages from Spain to Peru. She offers sound medicine, ancestral healing, shamanic work … Continue reading

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A Cornucopia of Workshops for Change-makers, Visionaries, Pilgrims, and Activists: Faculty Workshops at the Fall 2016 Residency

A Change-Maker’s Journey to a Passionate Livelihood: Day Trips From Self to Community to Make Our Real Work Come True, with faculty member Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg. Day trips are short jaunts from where we live to explore areas close at hand. … Continue reading

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Ann Armbrecht: Thin Places and the Pilgrimage Home

>Ann Ambrecht, IMA faculty member, writer and filmmaker, looks at the places — thick or thin — between cultures, and between humans and the earth. In her memoir, Thin Places: A Pilgrimage Home, she writes about how studying the Yamphu … Continue reading

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The Mystical Road: Thesis on Pilgrimage

>Angela Mullins, featured several entries back on this site, has just posted her entire IMA thesis, Awakening to Awakening: Journeys Along the Pilgrimage Road. To read about her study — which encompassed pilgrimages around the world along with investigating the … Continue reading

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Awakening Through Pilgrimage: Angela Mullins

>Angela Mullins, an accomplished flutist who has performed and taught around the country, came to Goddard with a yearning to go on a pilgrimage – a sacred journey to a site of religious and spiritual significance. So she set out … Continue reading

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