Elizabeth Minnich and the Academic Rigor of Creating Your Own Program

Elizabeth Minnich, author of Transforming Knowledge, one of the most important and influential books about knowledge, ethics, politics and power, recently served as the external reviewer for the Individualized MA program. Minnich is Core Professor at the Graduate College for Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, The Union Institute and University, and she has spoken and consulted with colleges and universities worldwide on developing more inclusive curricula. Here’s what she had to say about Goddard’s IMA program:

Elizabeth MinnichI believe the IMA faculty and the students together honor the idea of “academic rigor” intelligently and may more often exceed than slight requirements because, creating their own programs, they know more about them than those in prescribed programs whose guidelines, etc., can simply be followed… I heard telling descriptions from students of work above and beyond any most faculty would dream of assigning.

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