Jennifer Patterson Interviewed at Poets & Writers

patterson_1-450x450Jennifer Patterson is one of the keynote presenters at the 15th Annual Power of Words conference, Oct. 12-14 at Goddard College. Other Goddard faculty, students, and alumni will be attending and presenting, including Seema Reza, Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg, Joanna Tebbs Young, Ruth Farmer, Emilee Baum, and Angie Ebba. The conference is a project of the Transformative Language Arts Network in partnership with Goddard College.

Check out IMA graduate Jennifer (Jennye) Patterson interview at Poets and Writers about her workshops for writers to help them move toward multi-dimensional creativity, survivorship, and healing. In he interview, she reflects on her thesis, which combined writing, embroidery, and scholarship from embodiment studies, queer studies, survivor studies, and many other fields and traditions:

I recently finished a thesis (and soon to be manuscript) on trauma, somatic writing and embroidery—using stitch as a metaphor for making and remaking the wound—and it was incredibly difficult work so I’ve been taking a little breather. Some weeks the only time I write is in the workshop, which feels a bit funny to admit. But I also get to remember how writing supports me feeling more in my own life, more alive.

Jennye, as she’s described in the article, “a grief worker who uses words, threads, and plants to explore survivorhood, body(ies) and healing.” She is also the editor of Queering Sexual Violence: Radical Voices from Within the Anti-Violence Movement (Riverdale Avenue Books, 2016), and she leads trauma-focused writing and embroidery workshops widely. Additionally, she is a practitioner with the Breathe Network and through her practie Corpus Ritual Apothecary. Learn more about her at

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