Interview with Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg

imageCMG Negative Capability Press Blog IVGGI Faculty Member, Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg was a featured poet on Negative Capability Press’ blog.

AL: First things first, imagine we could have met anywhere in the world for this interview, where would it have been and what would we be sipping on?

CMG: It would be on my front porch, which faces emerging woodlands composed of mostly cedar and Osage orange trees and a whole lot of bramble. As far as what we’re sipping on, I’m afraid that would be kind of boring: iced tea, but maybe we’d get wild and have a twist of lime in our tea. More to the point for me would be what we’re eating, and since I’ve been thinking a lot about my forthcoming novel, Miriam’s Well, in which my main character cooks and bakes for people throughout the book – and the book also has 40 pages of her recipes in it – I’m going to say we’ll be snacking on chocolate-raspberry rugalach, a Jewish buttery cookie, rolled up and baked into a crescent. Ideally, it would be about 70 degrees with a light breeze and a whole lot of bird song, and my cats would be jumping through the window between the porch and one of the bedrooms, circling us suspiciously but eventually settling down with my big dog, a weimaraner-chocolate lab mix who just showed up at our house one day about six years ago.

To read the entire interview, go here

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