A Conversation with Francis Xavier Charet

FXCharetFaculty member and Consciousness Studies Coordinator, Francis Charet, explores consciousness, knowledge, and big questions with Richard Whittaker in an interview in Works & Conversations.

Richard Whittaker:  Well, where to begin? Maybe I can ask a big question: what are your larger concerns?

Francis Xavier Charet:  You know, where I teach at Goddard, we have an unofficial mantra—“knowing, being, and doing”— first, the acquisition of knowledge, which has to do not only with putting together material culled from various sources, but also experiential knowledge. That leads to the “being” part—how do you connect to it? Then, there’s the doing part—what does this have to do with your immediate community, and the larger world? And having those expectations of our students, we try to model them also in our own lives and in the work we do. So, not only do I have, let’s say, a professional interest related to Consciousness Studies, and the questions and issues therein, but how can these things be applied so that neither the students nor I are just living inside our own fishbowls.

To read the entire interview, go here.

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