The Funny Thing About Women and Comedy: An Article by Individualized MA Alumni Amelia Bane

“Being a Woman in Comedy Isn’t Unusual Anymore” — so writes Amelia Bane, a graduate of the Individualized MA program who studied improv comedy and attention deficit disorder along with a lot of other areas connected to performance during her time at Goddard. Her new essay about being a woman in comedy was just published in “Wolf Bites,” an innovative collection of essays and posts about leadership and innovation.

In considering what it’s like doing stand-up — a form of comedy so much dominated by men, Amelia writes, “But when I am the only woman or queer person onstage, I often find myself pushing back against limiting roles that cast me as an accent to straight/male performers. Not relying on easy laughs of these tropes has made me a better comedian.” You can read the whole piece here. and take a look at Amelia’s website here. And for some of Amelia’s stand-up in action at Goddard when she was invited to give the commencement address, watch this video here.

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