Claudia Guerra on the Soul of Place, Community, and Cultural History

Claudia Guerra came to Goddard to study Consciousness Studies and left to go onto a job as San Antonio’s first cultural historian. She speaks here about Duende, the deep soul of place and community, and how this speaks to her studies at Goddard and her work as a cultural translator in her community.

Claudia describes her work in the community as story harvesting: helping people identify places of importance to them to better see the collective scope of the community as she has worked with people to find where the soul of San Antonio is. Working between communities and developers, city officials and planners, and people of different ethnic backgrounds, she explains, “What I’m really doing is translating — I’m really a cultural translator — translating to citizens what the city is trying to do, and they can tell me what they think is happening to their lives, and I can translate that back to policy-makers, here’s what the community wants you to know.”

Listen to her whole podcast here.


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