Sound Medicine and Healing Pilgrimages with Angela Blueskies

Angela Blueskies graduated from the Goddard Individualized MA program almost a decade ago, focusing her studies on pilgrimages, and in the process, taking and writing deeply about pilgrimages from Spain to Peru. She offers sound medicine, ancestral healing, shamanic work and ceremonies, and related services. Her new website highlights her work and philosophy.

Central to her Goddard studies and life path, Angela also leads people on retreats and pilgrimages through her business “Heart of the Mother Retreats,” which she co-leads with her wife, Helene Garrovillo. Their journeys take groups to such places as the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, and to the Sacred Valley of Peru. In her blog, she writes about her guiding values and experiences (read more here).

Angela describes her background as such: “Born in the gentle mountains of Appalachia, Angela Blueskies is a visionary musician, medicine woman, and facilitator who carries deep understanding of the healing powers of music and the Earth.  For over 25 years she has followed the call of the heart in the path of conscious awakening, a path that has taken her around the world and shaped every facet of her life and work.  In the past decade, Angela has devoted her path to supporting others in the journey of healing and transformation, creating spaces and experiences that allow for deep connection to self and Spirit.”

Read about Angela’s pilgrimage studies here.

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