Education to Find the Promised Land with Lori Wynters & Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg

Lori Wynters and Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg, both faculty in the Goddard Graduate Institute, come to mythology and midrash — the Hebrew tradition of reading sacred texts with new eyes to re-vision our guiding narratives — from different angles. Lori is a rabbi, and Caryn is a writer, who focuses on midrash in many genres. Here, they talk about all of the above, and especially the story of the Exodus, which Caryn recently wrote a novel about, Miriam’s Well, and especially what this means for students seeking to craft new guiding stories for their lives, work, and community.

Midrash, Lori explains, looks toward what’s in a text as well as what’s silenced or outside the frame of the text, speaking to the possibilities of creating new narratives with greater relevance for our lives. In looking at Midrash as part of our education, Lori and Caryn speak about the Exodus story as a symbol is being both in the desert, lost and wandering, and in the promised land at once. “What is the land of milk and honey within all of us?” they ask.

In looking at what people discover in Goddard Graduate Institute programs, Lori explains, “When people complete a Goddard program, their lives have changed — they’re more deeply developing their potential of who they might be…We sit with each other’s visions and help each other look around the corner and see what that vision might open up to create new possibilities for new lives that are sustainable and connected.”

Listen to much more here.

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