Social Justice Tours with Alumni Dan Kaminsky

New York City attracts a lot of tourists interested in history, culture, and big city adventure, but too often such tours hide some of the more vital history of the social justice issues inherent to every landmark. Dan Kaminsky, a graduate of the Social Innovation and Sustainability Program, is addressing that in an original way.

He explains, “Social Justice tours ( uses walking tours as a medium to create dialogue about social justice issues in NYC. This season (which ended in Nov) we had four tours (Trump tour, gentrification tour, environmental justice tour and people’s history tour). Next season we are hoping to add three more (surveillance tour, vegan food tour and queer resistance tour).” He invites people to both visit the website and share their emails to get updated when the tours start up again in May, and visit the organizations Facebook Page:

You can also see a video of what people are finding on his Trump tour here. Dan also recently spoke on a podcast with Mike Higgins, his collaborator in this organization, from FUREE:…/social-justice-tours-draft-2… 

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