Learning Digital Storytelling at Goddard: Shakti Roumagoux on the Geshamas

Shakti Roumagoux, a student in the Individualized MA, has been around the block and the world a few times. A student of Thich Nhat Hahn and the Dalai Lama as well as other spiritual teachers, she has done many things in her long life, but never learned to create her own recording of a story. At the February 2017 residency, she worked with visiting staff member Jackie Batten Training and Academic Program Coordinator at Goddard’s radio station, WGDR, to create this short piece on 20 Tibetan Buddhist nuns who made history by being the first women to become Geshemas — passing all exams for this kind of degree (equivalent to a PhD in Buddhist philosophy) previously only open to men. Listen to it here on Soundcloud. She also shares her experience living in Dharmasala for years in her own practice. Here’s a conversation with Shakti about her years living in Plum Village in France when practicing with Thich Nhat Hahn that was featured on The Numinous School of Intuition podcast series.

Jackie Batten, in addition to helping students learn how to make podcasts and do radio, also works alongside area educators to teach audio story production in the classroom through WGDR’s Indie Kingdom Youth Radio Program. Indie Kingdom prepares a new generation of storytellers and reporters to develop and share local stories using the tools of the trade, both traditional and new, while earning secondary credit.

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