Can Writing Save Your Life?: GGI Faculty Featured in Saturday Evening Post

Mark Matousek

Mark Matousek

“What is it about expressive writing that heals us so dramatically? Why have our ancestors down through the ages turned to diaries, journals, and letter writing as sources of solace and self-understanding?” Mark Matousek asks in his article, “Can Writing Save Your Life?” He answers this question through interviews with many leaders in the field of expressive writing — Natalie Goldberg, Dr. James Pennebaker, Kathleen Adams, and the Goddard Graduate Institute’s own Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg, who founded Transformation Language Arts, a master’s concentration at Goddard, and a growing profession and field (find out more through the TLA Network). Caryn discussed, among other things, how writing “….can heal us without necessarily curing us. When I was living through cancer, I wrote a lot, but there’s a difference between healing and curing. Finding greater meaning and vitality in your life can be a very healing endeavor, but it may not cure the disease.”

See the whole article here.

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