GGI Students and Alumni Launch Hematopoiesis, New Digital Publication

Hematopoiesis is the body’s method of creating new blood cells. As a digital publication, our intention is to uplift marginalized voices and center the political and creative conversation in embodiment. Our team of editors include current Goddard students Brighde Moffat (TLA Fall ’18) and Rachel Economy (SIS/TLA Fall ’17), as well as alum Jennifer Patterson (IMA Fall ’16).

The theme of our first issue is Bone Remodeling, a process by which the body breaks down old or damaged bone in order to repair and create new bone. For our submission call, we asked, “what is the relationship between bones and language? How do you endure systemic bone loss? Why do communities and families fracture, and can they remodel? If blood is made within bone, then what else is in there being created/destroyed?” We received powerful and rich responses to this call, in the form of both written and visual work, work that delves deep, sideways, and new ways into bodies and bones. Our first issue is available in full at screen-shot-2017-02-02-at-3-39-16-pm

Our contributors for the first issue are Arianne Zwartjes, Farrell Greenwald Brenner, Keiko Lane, Aubrielle Hvolboll, T.B.N.Reina Gossett, Grace Dunham, Jojo Donovan, James Shultis, Renée Barry, C. Kubasta, Virginia Grove, Rhonda Eikamp, and Sophia Terazawa. There were a lot of wonderful pieces, and we were particularly happy to publish fellow Goddard student Jojo Donovan’s (TLA) A Spell For Turning Off the Light.

Hema’s second issue will be on the theme of Infections. Look out for a submission call on our website and facebook page, this coming March!

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