Graduating Student Presentations: Worker Cooperatives, Finding Food, Design for Social Change, and Healing the Soul

12711008_10103117253620669_4887823144492233746_oAsking, We Walk: An Exploration in Organizing, Cooperatives and How to Live, with Graduating Student Dan Kaminsky. This presentation will look at the worker cooperative as a form of anti-capitalist social change. We will then delve into a bit of the hard skills I looked at, namely conflict resolution and facilitation in an effort to bring about desired social change.

Desire, Discards, and Design for Social Change, with SIS Graduating Student Nicolette Stosur-Bassett. This presentation explores the role of human-centered design and design thinking in addressing wicked problems. Academically rooted in critical discards studies, post-Marxist commentary on consumer capitalism, and an exploration of waste art as a social reflection, 15400339_10211720719398550_5454538948849843663_nthe thesis is enacted in the world through ReuseCHI: a tactical urbanism and guerrilla marketing project that challenges social conceptions of function and value. This praxis is presented in a magazine-style format, encouraging novel avenues of engaging the fascinating topic of waste. (Nicolette will present virtually using a YouTube link with Kelly McDowell playing the link in person)

Healing the War within the Soul, with IMA Graduating Student Charlie Pacello. A comprehensive, multi-disciplinary approach, analysis, and process for healing the war within the soul. This presentation will discuss the issues related to PTSD and moral injury; the heart of darkness and the war on the soul experienced by many in our veteran community; the nature of evil and why we make the bargain with the devil; and the pathways to redemption looked through the lenses of spirituality, literature, archetypal psychology, dream analysis, theater and ritual, and historical figures who made the transition to become peaceful warriors. Lastly, we will learn how15107204_10211270235494472_7401581020590448212_n we translate our lives into the mythic story of the hero’s journey, where our suffering can be transformed, our consciousness expanded, and our souls healed by connecting to the myth that lives through us.

Beyond the Plate, a Journey of Finding Food, with Graduating Student Michelle Stone. I will be discussing modern food related issues and my personal journey with finding and reconnecting with natural food.

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