Why I Marched: Joanna Tebbs Young

20170121_140334Joanna Tebbs Young, a graduate of GGI in Transformative Language Arts, recently published an article on “Why I Matched” in the Rutland Reader, where she’s a regular contributor. She wrote,

…..I, along with everyone else there that day, believe in the well-being of my fellow human beings and the planet on which we live. I stood there that day to express my support for everyone’s right to quality and affordable health care, to not be discriminated against, to have control over our own bodies, to live in safety, to love and be whoever we are born to be, to be equally educated, and to worship (or not) as we wish.

Read her whole article here, her other columns here, and learn more about Joanna’s work at her website Wisdom Within, Ink.


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