Women’s March: New York City by Kelly McDowell

img_2998So many Goddard students and faculty participated in the January 21st Women’s March in marches across the country. This series highlights some of those marches. Kelly McDowell is a Social Innovation and Sustainability student who attended the New York City march. Here’s her accounts:


Kelly McDowell, center, with two friends Rachel (left) and Kaitlin (right)


I was at the Women’s March in NYC where approximately 400,000 people attended.  I marched in solidarity with Planned Parenthood, Black Lives Matter, the LGBTQI Community, Healthcare rights and Climate Change.

I also marched with wo social justice warriors in their own fields. My friend Rachael works for the NY Department of Education in their legal department and also with my friend Caitlin who is a social worker in Brooklyn, and her husband is a lawyer working in Brooklyn as well for social justice in their community.

During my march I witness many examples of Radical Art Activism through posters, chanting and impromptu dancing.  As a student in the Masters of the Arts in Social Innovation and Sustainability in the Global Fashion Industry, which is female dominated and a huge world polluter.

~ Kelly McDowell, New York City march


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