In Memory of Ann Stokes, Goddard Renaissance Woman

annstokesplaqueAnn Stokes, a Goddard graduate and supporter for many years, died Nov. 20 at the end of a long and adventurous life. Her contribution to the college was so extensive that the tennis court was dedicated to her in 1994, “In recognition of the great assistance and support given Goddard College by this exemplary alumna, trustee, friend, poet, and sportswoman.”

Many at the college also benefited from her Welcome Hill Studios — a retreat center Ann made available to women to have a room of their own for creativity and reflection. Her book, A Studio of One’s Own, recounts the experience of women building the first studio at Welcome Home in the early days of the feminist movement.

Stokes had a fabled life — she was an avid tennis player, ran for sheriff in West Chesterfield, VT in the 1970s, and in 1977, she and others from the Putney Friends Meeting were jailed for two weeks because of their protest of the Seabook Station nuclear power plant in New Hampshire.  Read more about Ann in her obituary here.

You can hear Ann in this 1988 video talking about poetry and how learning (poetry and beyond) at Goddard was an embodied experience for her.


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