Minna Dubin and #MomLists: Guerrilla Public Art to Explore the Reality of Motherhood

11146337_10153255300050879_1212544285265208836_oMinna Dubin, a graduate of the Individualized MA in Tranformative Language Arts, found herself feeling “in survival mode” a few years after giving birth to her first child. As a writer, performer, educator, and activist, she soon came up with the idea of #MomLists: 4 x6 cards on brightly decorated paper she embellishes with art. She explains that “Readers must lift the pretty exterior to access the gritty, vulnerable list underneath.”

The lists cover topics such as “Shit That Makes Me Cry When I’m Pregnant,” “A Parenting Street Scene,” and even “Really Gross Stuff I do Now That I’m a Mom.” Minna, who lives in the Bay Area, leaves the list in laundromats, groceries, community centers, and any other space that has bulletin boards where a person can post announcements. She says, “I believe in making art 15390743_1418608431505643_3354462386749883712_nand writing accessible. I love the idea of plastering a city with #Momlists, like the literary mom version of graffiti writing.” See more in this article in Mutha Magazine. She also had a list published in Panoply, and her work has been featured in The Forward, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Story Club Magazine, GAMBA Magazine, and *82 Review. She was a 2016 Artist in Residence at Lacawac Sanctuary and Field Station.

Currently pregnant with her second child, Minna is now working on a book project involving the lists, which you can follow via #MomLists on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, or Twitter.

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