500 Miles by Bike from Brooklyn to Goddard: Dan Kaminsky

Getting to a residency can take time, not to mention trains, planes and automobiles. Dan Kaminsky, a student in the Social Innovation and Sustainability MA Program, decided to forego the usual transportation to bike about 500 miles from his home in Brooklyn to Plainfield, Vermont for the August residency. He was motivated by Goddard’s  “emphasis on being holistic and knowing, being and doing, and taking lessons from real life,” and challenges by long days on his bike, including one that was uphill for dozens of miles. Along the way, he stayed with fellow students in the program, resting up each night before another long day of biking. He also experienced the miracle of finding a new tire tube after five flats on his last day biking in rural Vermont. Listen to his story of how he walks (bikes actually) his talk. “The intention of a trip like this is to put yourself in a challenge, see what your limits are, and then overcome them.”

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2 Responses to 500 Miles by Bike from Brooklyn to Goddard: Dan Kaminsky

  1. Siobhan Dolan says:

    Wow. that’s impressive, great story, I appreciate hearing it.
    Siobhan, Goddard grad 2008 HAS MA

  2. George S. Chappell says:

    You’re an inspiration. I’m about to give up my car and get a bike. George Chappell, MFA, 2011.

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