Graduating Student Workshops at the Fall 2016 Residency

Decolonizing Indigenous Education, with IMA graduating student Clay River. A demonstration of using cultural arts and performance art as a teaching tool to decolonize education. Demonstrating the use of traditional art forms alongside modern performance styles to dismantle and redefine urban Native identity. A dialogue of the historical trauma education has had on people of color and re-examining indigenous pedagogy to reclaim, redefine and reintroduce traditional ways of learning.

12144680_10206205188983346_6840334781893402731_n“For Text to be Like Skin”: Dwelling In & Translating the Wound(s) of Trauma, with IMA graduating student Jennifer Patterson. This thesis and presentation is a non-linear attempt to give language and shape to the failed body of a queer survivor of sexual violence, to give language and shape to the time and place between ‘before’ and ‘after,’ to honor how bodies heal and are rebuilt outside the dominant narratives of healing. It challenges the dominant survivor narratives around survivorhood and healing from sexual violence including the ones from a medical and psychological perspective that pathologize the lived experience of a survivor as one of disconnection, disembodiment and disassociation. In the thesis, the first section lays out the terrain, guides you through the research and frameworks that shape my work with trauma, bodies and translation. The second section is a creative non-fiction manuscript that aspires to map, in words and threads, the trauma(tized) body of a queer person who has lived through emotional, sexual and physical trauma— how it actually feels in my body to be living with and moving through complex trauma. The manuscript will imagine survivorhood as an altered state and will move between conscious states, dream states and other altered states. The manuscript attempts to map only one body, or, one person’s body(ies) where the first section works to draw in larger political, social and cultural shapings. In the presentation I will offer a bit of my research, creative non-fiction writing and if time allows, we will do a 5 minute somatic writing prompt together.

1008384_10201469224440925_148325659_oFor Women of a Certain Age: Answering Menopause with Martial Arts, with IMA graduating student Linda Dobson Porter. I will start with a brief talk about menopause, and my experience; how I discovered martial arts as a powerful tool; followed by a discussion of the history and treatment of women in menopause, alongside a slide show/power point that will include illustrations and photos of women in the “throes” of “hysteria” (menopause), as well as ads from the 60’s for hormones as “treatment.” I will then show a video/photo shoot from a martial arts/self-defense workshop I completed. At the conclusion I will invite people to come up and try a couple of “escapes” from grabs/ techniques that require ONLY breathing and focusing on their center, using their chi energy, also saving time for questions.

10991702_10152978963906998_8628372220651246479_oMind/Body Health & The Bach Flower Remedies, with HAS graduating student Christopher Hoyt. This presentation covers some of the major discoveries involving mind/body health–such as the stress response, the effect of our thoughts on our immune system (and vice versa), and the potential influence of epigenetic effects on both mind and body–along with a look at the mind/body alternative healthcare system known as the Bach Flower Remedies.

823_1062159147927_5214_nMindfulness and Motivation, with HAS graduating student Becky Morris. In this presentation you will learn how mindfulness and fulfilling our psychological needs of autonomy, competence and relatedness (to bring about an increased sense of intrinsic motivation) can be utilized as tools for change. Join us for hands on activities which incorporate mindfulness and motivation into a learning environment. I will share how I brought these elements into the public school system and as a group we can collaborate ways to bring them into your own work and life.

Mystical Moves: Awakening to an Embodied Self through Expressive Arts and Yoga, with IMA graduating student Katherine Carbone. My presentation will feature _1376220777experiential components drawn from my studies and process.Participants will be guided in brief practices of meditation, embodiment and expressive arts to gain first hand experience of how these modalities enhance self-awareness. I will also be displaying a series of expressive arts pieces created as an outgrowth of my arts-based research into the underlying connections between expressive arts, yoga and embodied self- discovery. My final product is a series of collages that have been assembled into a set of Chakra Insight Cards, each with an image insight, embodied practice and suggested affirmation. A crocheted installation of the Chakra Insight Cards unites art with craft and will invite the viewers to interact with the cards.


From left: Julie Sells, Chris Hoyt, Becky Morris, Diasie Sammy-Christopher, Sarah Coflan, and Desiree Wyble

Social Life of Natural Foods: Context and Consequence of Consumption, with HAS graduating student Diasie Sammy-Christopher. This presentation examines aspects of social context, the thesis weaves together critical analysis and personal experience. Certain themes travel through the essays, manifesting in different ways at different times. Prominent among these are themes of commodification and globalization as well as the tensions between tradition and modernity in food cultures. A personal narrative is also used as a lens through which the impact commodification, globalization and food traditions is both experienced and understood. The findings of the study reflect my personal journey as I moved outward exploring the dietary environment and returned to reflect upon my inner world. The findings suggest that there is a balance between individual wisdom and larger social forces, and both shape our food choices, which in turn have their own social and ecological effects.

The Making of “The Kate 241311_10150202508767458_5598502_oChapman Show: A Feel Better Hour”, with HAS graduating student Kate Chapman. This presentation will discuss how I created and completed a one-hour talk/variety show, providing an applied context for my studies.

The Wisdom of One Place, with IMA graduating student Catherine Sweet. This study encompasses themes of place, story, and memory, in an intertwining story of what one place can teach us about all places. It begins in one small community and explores the inter-cultural history 622805_4418484624178_1526636736_oof that place, and explores memory as both a provocation toward knowledge and as a limited resource. A personal exploration of assault on both memory and place in weaving together the story of one place through the narrative of the assault of Alzheimer’s on memory while concurrently exploring the repeated environmental assaults on place and on treaty rights in Wisconsin. It contrasts Wisconsin’s rich tradition of progressivism and pioneering environmentalism with the historic and present-day capitalistic exploitation of land.

13458794_10206600713073105_4603374646671475770_oThe World Is Littered With Opportunity, with SIS graduating student Steven Wright. Community engagement and sustainable construction combine to shift power dynamics in historically ignored communities. Journey through seven years of sustainable construction with trash and tires and community organizing throughout the Americas with a focus on the ever-complex US-Mexico Border Region. Lessons learned the hard way, and things learned through the Goddard lens, learn how 4Walls International is poised to use community consultative methods to relocate climate refugees using native materials.

Walk with Me: Healing Our Neonatal Intensive Care Units, with HAS graduating student Suzanne Milkiewicz-Bryjak. A blend of literature review and powerful personal essay that invites the audience to experience the Neonatal Intensive Care Journey through the eyes of both a parent and a neonatal intensive care nurse. Current research-reality disparities will be explored along with the clinical, psychosocial and economic cascades that are the result of gaps in care for our nation’s smallest and most fragile hospital population.

1934528_1181916462964_284829_nWho Am I and How Do I Take Care of Myself?: Cultivating Self-Awareness Inside Five Dimensions of Self-Care, with HAS graduating student Celeste Joy Ross. This presentation is an experiential exploration into self, awareness, dimensional presence, and self-care. In addition to an overview of Five Dimensions of Self-Care (an individualized approach to well-being), participants will be able to explore and reflect upon their own self-care praxis, increase their self-awareness through movement, and experiment with stream-of-consciousness drawing in sensing and attending to oneself with self-care in mind.

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