Collaborative Thresholds: Group Openings at the Fall 2016 Residency Opening

RainbowOverGoddard_08-12-13_(3)The welcome session held August 4 for the Fall 2016 residency featured, among other things, a time for students and faculty to divide into groups, and compose poems together. Using the prompt of “Threshold,” we followed an old poetry ice-breaker technique: write a line, pass it to the next person to add his/her/their line, then fold over the line you responded to so that each subsequent person only sees the line right before theirs. Here are our collaborative poems:

Above and beyond the garden gate, I stand

betwixt hither and tither, and we think, now what?

Naked, across the sky,

she floats, hoping not to trip,

but tripping is okay, too.


The mouth of a fish is open

as the river flowers wide under the star-filled sky

and the birds cross the borderlands

to a new and unexplored journey.

Journey! We have come home to the residency theme.


Immigrants, beware! The door is only a door

and what you’ll find beyond is only a room:

There is a light, but it burns brightest inside.

Stepping along the edge of what I know, 20266_314831322635_3417742_n

leaning into what I don’t yet know…..ah!

Embracing possibility.


Thrashen: to break free of

the threshold of the sky like a dove.

I appreciate the opening,

the ebb and flow of possibilities and essences reverberating

through the layers of time.


Get out of my room, he said.

It’s not your room, it’s the threshold, I replied.

It’s a place in between

you and me. Be “we” in the

here and now of new thresholds.

Cross over, open your arms. Dive in.

The water is fine.

Cook, brisk, refreshing. Breathe!



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