Featured Faculty: Francis X. Charet

Francis X. Charet, who has taught in BA and MA programs at the college for close to two decades, writes of how he got here in his faculty profile:

Like many of my generation, I experienced the shift from an understanding of life based on traditional values to one more directly related to personal experience. This shift led me on a number of outer and inner journeys, from Western spirituality and philosophy to ashrams in India, travels in the Middle East and Europe, teaching, and, ultimately, Goddard.

Francis explains his teaching at Goddard as collaborating with students on their scholarly journeys. He says,

As faculty we all have our styles of teaching and working with students and this contributes to our being a well rounded learning community. My own approach tends to focus in on what the students’ interests are and cultivating the necessary skills to undertake the learning that they hope to accomplish. While there is necessarily a personal dimension to the work we do with students, I see my primary role as an academic advisor who responsibility it is to support students in their scholarly work. This involves developing the tools of scholarship such as critical thinking and writing, drawing on adequate resources, and making an ongoing commitment to independent and collaborative learning.

Francis, who is founder of the Consciousness Studies concentration in GGI, specializes in Eastern and Western Religions and Philosophy as well as a wide spectrum in Psychology, Consciousness Studies, Contempory Spirituality, Asian Studies, and Death and Dying Studies. Listen to Francis talk about the organic process of developing Consciousness Studies at Goddard below.

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