Following Your Passion for Health and Healing with Sophia Hoffer-Perkins

Extatic Wealth Raw d2-12864 copySophia Hoffer-Perkins, a graduate of the Health Arts and Sciences program, now offers healing and mentoring services and does frequently public speaking. When reflecting on her time at Goddard, she tells how she came here and what happened during and since her studies. Learn more about her work now at

I had over half of a master’s degree from a liberal arts college, and a 1000-hour massage certificate and license. I wanted to be able to apply and get credit for the maximum amount of my already in-depth education. I was drawn to Goddard because after I took a class from a local university, I was so disappointed by the lack of critical thinking and how low the bar was for learning, participation, and personal growth. I was inspired by Goddard’ radical and deeply personal approach to learning. I love the Health Arts and Sciences (HAS) program, and I went to a visit Goddard day. I was in love immediately because of the mutual respect and larger vision not only for education, but what each person can do in the world.

Throughout my MA student, I focused on community healing through art and play. I had been a teen empowerment teacher for a long time and always advised students that if they followed their passion it would work out. In order to be in integrity with myself and embody my preaching, I created a one-woman show, intending for it to be healing for me and my audience. I produced the show in Philadelphia, PA and Durham, NC. The show involved storytelling, interactive lecture, dancing, prayer, and video installation among other things. It was awakening, stirring, and moving for my audience and for me.

My work has evolved in major ways and yet remained thematically on course. I offer private healing sessions (often focusing on the pelvic floor) and mentoring that are majorly ITBE_sophiaabout educating people about how to embody their authenticity and integrate creative aspects into their lives, particularly how healers can bring intuition into their work. I also do a lot of speaking and teaching, which I love, so the educational performance comes out there too. I maintain my integrity by following through on creative inspirations, most recently the creation of the “Help Me Heal” series — an oracle deck, guidebook, and training videos, which I’m launching as a Kickstarter project this month.

Goddard taught me how to learn, how to see a project and how to follow through, find the skills I didn’t have and bring something into the world. I think that is what has set my education apart from so many people. I wasn’t just taught information, but I was taught how to learn and how create on my own terms for liberation.

Check out Sophia’s kickstarter campaign here.

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