Celebrating the Life and Art of Maceo Leatherwood Through His Daughter, the Poet Vanita Leatherwood

Artisit Maceo Leatherwood Retrospective FlierVanita Leatherwood, a graduate of the Transformative Language Arts concentration in the Individualized MA program, is thrilled to be moderating a special retrospective of the life and art of her father, the artist Maceo Leatherwood, “a dedicated and disciplined explorer of world cultures, myths and art history.” On March 18, at the Bain Center (5470 Ruth Keeton Way Columbia MD), Vanita will lead the audience on a creative journey of her father’s work, looking at, according to the flyer, “not only the story of one man and his craft but a dialogue about what it means to make an art of living against the grain.”

Maceo Leatherwood “is a dedicated and disciplined explorer of world cultures, myths and art history. In his work, he captures the energy of life and form. His observations, imagination and scientific knowledge of the sun, the vast ocean of space and the life-giving

Vanita Leatherwood

Vanita Leatherwood

ocean on earth play an important role in his paintings.Having engaged subjects as diverse as human rights, ancestral connections, music and spirituality in nature, his work is steeped in symbolism,” as per his bio on his website. His work has been exhibited at the Smithsonian, the Naval Hospital in Portsmouth, VA, the Jewish Community Center in Greenbelt, MD, the Shinnecock Indian Reservation, at many libraries and in various collections in the Washington, D.C. area, and at various studios in the Virgina Island and Puerto Rico.

For more information on this evening of celebration, art and poetry, please contact Vanita at info@maceoleatherwood.com

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