Seema Reza on “This Is Our Work”: Commencement Spring 2016 Talk


Seema and her sons

Seema Reza, graduating student in the IMA program and Transformative Language Arts concentration, was the Spring of 2016’s commencement speaker. Her luminous talk touched on the world before and within us, our capacity for change, facing the mythic demon child, cultivating kindness, and how all we’ve done in our lives before this moment prepared us for this moment. She tells us,

“Our greatest obstacles in our work are not those who seek to defeat us (they have acknowledged our capacity, and in doing so have fortified us). Our greatest obstacles are those who are apathetic–those who insist upon keeping the bedclothes up over their faces, breathing only air that is warm, air they’ve breathed before.”

Watch her whole talk here, and learn more about Seema in her blog here. Check out her first book, When the World Breaks Open, forthcoming from Red Hen Press. Seema is also a keynote speaker at the Power of Words conference (which Goddard College partners with), Aug. 12-14 in Ferry Beach, ME.

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