Bioneers’ Cultivating Women’s Leadership Training and Our Collective Power: Sarah Bobrow-Williams

10505616_10204715569545760_7509515869597883328_nSarah Bobrow-Williams, founder of the Social Innovation and Sustainability MA program and a faculty member, was part of a small group of women selected for Bioneers’ 2015 Cultivating Women’s Leadership training, held July 20-25 in Northern New Mexico, led by Nina Simons, Toby Erzlich, and Elsa Menendez to bring together women of diverse cultures, ages, and backgrounds. The training combining contemplative, interactive, creative and ritual practices emphasized finding ways to move through obstacles and to gain greater self-awareness, power and sense of purpose in a community of women. Although Sarah has done extensive trainings, workshops and study in women’s, community and environmental leadership and related topics, she found this training particularly good at helping her and the other women find the time and space for personal reflection as well as community-building. Sarah writes of her experience:

Rooted in values of respect, humility, creativity, intentionality and inquiry, CWL created a space for me to look at my relationship with myself and with other women in ways that made my purpose more vivid and enabled me to see how to strategically move beyond the legacy of bias and devaluation of woman (and all marginalized people) that prevents me from fully knowing myself and others and embracing our collective power.

Sarah found the daily integration of art, movement, mindfulness and storytelling with guided discussions on both internal and systemic challenges further developed her ocamorafacilitation and leadership capabilities. She says, “I experienced profound connections in both group and personal interactions that allowed me to lean into my own vulnerability and the vulnerability of others and to explore and embody new forms of leadership and self-identity with greater ease, in fact with joy; I experienced new sources of inner strength and inspiration from others.”

The training specifically connects “personal awareness practices with increased capacity to be bold and effective multi‐cultural leaders in the world,” according to its website. See what alumus have to say here.

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