Elizabeth Minnich-Fall 2015 Visiting Scholar

Elizabeth Kamarck Minnich is the Visiting Scholar for Goddard Graduate Institute’s Fall 2015 residency. Her keynote presentation, “If You Want Justice, Fight for Truth and Beauty,” will take place on Friday August 7, 7:15 pm. The presentation is free and open to the public.Minnich

Elizabeth’s groundbreaking book Transforming Knowledge has been essential reading for all those wishing to understand and question ways of knowing and knowledge that we often take for granted. The residency theme is “Transforming Knowledge,” in honor of Elizabeth Minnich’s visit and in keeping with the core values of the Goddard Graduate Institute.

THERE IS NOTHING “merely academic” about how we think and what we think we know. We are creatures and creators of meaning. Among the many meanings that interweave our varied worlds, the meanings of human being are central. They can sustain us in peaceful, caring, just relation with others and with the earth we share. They can divide and rank us within systems of dominance. They can open us to love, friendship, respect, justice, nurture. They can enable us to enslave, exploit, rape, kill those who have been defined as less than fully human. We are called by inspiring and by disturbing meanings of human being to keep thinking, to hold horizons open. We, who are conscious creatures and creators of meaning, remain responsible. –Elizabeth Minnich, from Transforming Knowledge, second edition

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