Resource Generation and Learning to Give: Willa Conway

photoWilla Conway, a current student in the Individualized MA program, just wrote “How Do We Learn to Give?: On Giving to the It Starts Now Campaign,” for Resource Generation, a group that organizes young people with wealth and class privilege to become transformative leaders for positive change.

In calling for a recognition of the connection between wealth accumulation and “state violence against black bodies,” Willa writes,

The work of wealth redistribution, dismantling white supremacist consciousness and structures and ending state sanctioned violence against black bodies is not simple work. It is layered and complicated and tense and liberating and generative and creates spaces for beauty. It is facing the way that racial capitalism negatively affects people across the economic spectrum, even those of us who profit off the system.

Read Willa’s whole article here.

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1 Response to Resource Generation and Learning to Give: Willa Conway

  1. rfgoddard says:

    Willa, this is an inspiring article. It’s great to be reminded that there are many young people who take seriously the responsibility that comes with privilege. Ruth

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