Transformative Language Arts in Action: A New Book, a New Partnership, a New Journal, and an Annual Conference

Ruth and Caryn at Goddard

Ruth and Caryn at Goddard

In 2000, Goddard College launched the only MA program in Transformative Language Arts (TLA) in the country, and as the program hits its teenage years, TLA is spreading its wings through a new partnership, book, journal, and new growth in its annual conference.

Transformative Language-1cTransformative Language Arts in Action, being published by Littlefield and Rowan at the end of 2014, is edited by GGI Program Director Ruth Farmer and TLA founder and coordinator Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg. The anthology features essays on TLA by Goddard faculty, students, alumni, and others outside of the college who resonate with TLA, including Jim Sparrell (faculty), Mirriam-Goldberg (faculty), Farmer (program director), Ezra Nepon Berkley (alumni), Brian W. Sunset (alumni), Yvette Hyater-Adams (alumni), Callid Keefe-Perry, and Juliana Borrero (alumni), plus “snapshots” of people making a living and a life from TLA.

Goddard College has also signed a formal partnership with the not-for-profit TLA Network, which will provide scholarship assistance to all starting Goddard students, in any program the college offers, who have completed the new TLA Certification offered by the TLA Network. The certification would benefit prospective or current students, and alumni ready for more community and livelihood opportunities and direction.

UntitledThe  TLA Network just launched the first professional/artistic/practitioner journal, Chrysalis: A Journal of Transformative Language Arts, which is now available in colleges, universities, and libraries around the world. The journal features articles on TLA scholarship, creative TLA work, and narratives on TLA in the community. The new journal is edited by MA-TLA graduate, writer and mother Amber Ellis.

Closing Circle at the conference

Closing Circle at the conference

Finally, the college was well-represented at the 11th annual Power of Words conference, a project of the TLA Network that started at Goddard College in 2003. Ruth Farmer, Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg, and a host of TLA students and alumni were part of the over 100 people who gathered Sept. 19-21 in Kansas City. The college sponsored a Discover Goddard reception at the event that brought together storytellers, spoken word artists, activists, writers, playwrights and performers, drama therapists and poetry therapists, singers and songwriters, community leaders and educators, and health professionals. The 2015 conference — featuring writer Jimmy Santiago Baca, playwright Darren Canady, spoken word artists Sha Cage and E.G. Bailey, and poet and activist Xanath Caraza — will be held Sept. 18-20, 2015 at Unity Village in Kansas City, MO.

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