Britta Love: How Sex, Drugs and Embodied Magic Can Change the World

10547593_10203100469327295_9106848512309123943_nI’m in the IMA Consciousness Studies program, exploring how sex (intentional/conscious sensuality) and drugs (psychedelics) can be used to facilitate healing and spiritual experiences. This semester I’m exploring some embodiment studies ideas around intuitive touch and other embodied knowledge, adding breadth to the more traditional academic research I did the last two semesters and using some of my own experiences as research to pull from as well. I’m excited to be doing work that examines and breaks down some of our traditional dualisms such as mind/body, spiritual/physical, and sacred/profane.

We live in a culture where sex and drugs are taboo topics we often giggle about – but rarely take a closer look.  I believe we are often driven towards intoxication and intimacy because they are some of the most accessible ways to facilitate what we call “altered” states of consciousness – states that can be healing and lead to spiritual awakening when used intentionally.  However, since we get little instruction in our puritanical society, our use of sex and drugs is pretty unintentional and tends towards dysfunction.  I hope that through doing this research and sharing it with a wider audience, we can start to change that.

In doing so I think this becomes a much bigger topic than individual healing and spiritual growth.  The “awakening” and reconnecting to our human tribe and planet earth that many experience through these altered states is what we so urgently need at this time of global crisis.  I believe these experiences can be powerful catalysts to make that crucial shift in our societal consciousness.

IMG_0069Through some of my recent work in embodiment studies I’ve come to realize on a personal level how much intuitive information and knowledge we have on a daily basis that often gets ignored – before it even fully reaches our awareness.

It amazes me that through doing an academic program I feel I’m learning to fine tune and trust my own personal intuition. My research has had real-world implications for my day-to-day ability to “tune in”.

I can’t imagine many other places I could be doing this work.  Goddard is an incredible place and I’ve learned and grown so much in this past year.  I’m working more intensely than I ever have – because we have the freedom to follow our passion wherever it takes us and the passion drives the work.  You also have an incredibly inspired community around you of other self-driven people who are all highly motivated by their personal vision of how they can contribute to a better world.  It’s an ethos that makes coming to Goddard residency something really magical.

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