The Radical Edge of the Low-Residencey Model: Faculty Present at NEA Higher Education Conference

Katt Lissard talks with another conference participant

Katt Lissard talks with another conference participant

Katt Lissard and Karen Campbell, faculty members in the IMA/SBC/HAS programs, recently presented a workshop at the NEA (National Education Association) Higher Education conference in St. Louis in mid-March. Their workshop — “The Low-Residency Model and the Radical Edge From Personal Theory to Engaged Work in the World: Individualized Masters Degrees and the Activist-Scholar – The Graduate Institute at Goddard College” — looked at how low-residency programs can play a crucial and radical role in bridging the online/classroom/community divide.

Katt and Karen explain about their approach, “Our individualized, interdisciplinary Masters programs offer working and/or mobile adults access to a radically conceived activist-scholar experience. The

inspiration and exhilaration of coming together for intense eight-day residencies serves to balance the deep, reflective and rigorous work pursued by individuals once they are back “home” in front of their computers and/or engaging in community-based projects testing new theory in practice. At Goddard, students are regarded as unique individuals who take charge of and design their learning while collaborating with peers, staff, and faculty to build a strong community.”

Karen Campbell at the conference

Karen Campbell at the conference

Katt’s and Karen’s bios speak to extensive experience with community-based projects. Kattis a writer, activist and artistic director of The Winter/Summer Institute, an HIV/AIDS theatre project based in New York and Lesotho, Africa. Goddard College Graduate Institute faculty member Karen Campbell’s interests lie in colonial/postcolonial cultural studies. She’s recently returned from Japan where she was involved in social action theatre addressing such issues as the vexed legacies of colonialism, and of the 3/11 earthquake, tusunami and Fukushima nuclear disaster.

Their workshop at the NEA conference drew a lot of interest

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