Mike Alvarez Wins Fellowship for New Americans

Alvarez_MikeMike Alvarez, a graduate of the Individualized MA program, was just awarded the prestigious Paul and Daisy Fellowship for New Americans. Currently working on his PhD at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, where he’s studying the cybersuicide phenomenon, Alverez says this of his time at Goddard:

The IMA program has taught me not to be ashamed of my scars. That by articulating these scars, I’m bringing silenced narratives into discourse, which can be very empowering to others. My work on madness, suicide, and human creativity, is really an attempt to map a cartography of the range of human expression – its hinterlands, its buoyant waves. And what Goddard did, is that it made me realize how much I love reading stories, how much I love *writing* stories, and that the stories I read and write are all connected in this magical, ineffable way.

Building on his MA studies, Mike has also recently finished a memoir on mental illness. In addition to his MA degree, Mike completed a MFA degree at Goddard College also, and he has published and presented both scholarly work and creative writing widely.

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