Writing, Healing, and Community Building with Veterans: An Interview with Seema Reza by Joy Jacobson

6a01a511537316970c01a3fcafa00e970b-800wiA Goddard BFA graduate and incoming Transformative Language Arts student was just featured on the Best American Poetry Website. Seema coordinates the recreational arts activities at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and Fort Belvoir Community Hospital in Bethesda, MA, and she’s a long-time writer.

When asked if how the study of TLA is important to her career, she said,

It is, in the sense that I hope to find the methods and language to answer: How do we survive in this work? I spend my day listening to some really rough stories. That’s my job. The goal is to create more people who are doing this work, especially veterans. There are stories that veterans tell other veterans that in some cases they wouldn’t tell me. So how do we maintain our own creative practice? That is an important part of the TLA program. When I’m working with veterans there’s mutual growth. We are together, both of us growing. How do we support the facilitators of this work, particularly when they have traumas of their own? It’s the kind of thing we need people all over the world doing, and they have to have safe outlets for processing it. Artists and veterans are leading these community-building workshops, and I’m interested in seeing that people are staying sane.

Read the whole interview here.

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