Movement as Prayer, Collective Medicine, Rethinking Parenthood, Healing Stories, Midwifery and More: Health Arts & Sciences Recent Graduates

Some recent graduates from HAS, IMA & SBC

Some recent graduates from HAS, IMA & SBC

The Collision, with HAS graduating student Raymond Christopher Dell. My presentation demonstrates the theory behind traditional acting techniques and where the status quo of developing a character often fails. I will discuss the traditional Stanislavsky based acting approaches, and then transition into a formal acting approach using shamanism.

Expressive Arts: Building Self–Confidence and Self–Image and Recovering from Painful Life Events, with HAS graduating student Kalethia Pattillo. Expressive arts doesn’t ask people to be “artists”; it heals wounds and restores the soul through expression. This presentation documents how using expressive arts practices heals the soul in many ways. Having applied these techniques in my own experience and witnessed the results, I created a book of activities to guide people of all ages in feeling accepted in the world and having fun using different mediums of artistic expression, with health–supporting benefits.

The Matròn Outreach Program: A Model for Traditional Birth Attendant Outreach in Haiti and other Low–Resource Settings, with HAS graduating student Jenna Schmitz. I have been a practicing Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) since the fall of 2008, with a particular interest in Global Health and maternal mortality reduction. Over the course of five months in 2012, I volunteered with a midwifery education program in Haiti’s Central Plateau. During this time, I helped develop a community–based, culturally–responsive outreach program for Traditional Birth Attendants that is geared toward addressing Haiti’s alarmingly high maternal and neonatal mortality rates. In my presentation, I will discuss the development and implementation of this program in the context of my work in Haiti and international discourse relating to maternity care in low–resource settings.

The Night Brings Out the Stars: Remember the Promise with HAS Graduating Student Jacci Dawkins:A beautiful fairy tale unfolds in a magical place that is the author’s vision of what Heaven is like. It tells the story of a healing that has taken place between members of her family. It is an example of storytelling, memoir, and narrative healing in the form of a fairy tale.

Rethinking Parenting, with HAS graduating student Sarah Mahan. Parent education has the potential to deeply challenge societal norms, such as how parents approach, talk to, and care for their children. It also has the ability to enable a parent to feel liberated in their understanding of this knowledge. Follow me along my journey of becoming a stepmother, learning about parenting, feeling empowered, and undertaking the academic challenge and professional journey of becoming a parent educator.

A Turning Wheel: Returning to the Feet with HAS graduating student Julia Eryn A. Burke. Movement. Medicine. Prayer. Sweat. This is a personal journey of finding what medicine. Reconnecting with self– the intuitive self– the earth, and the feet can carry the most amazing healing. Please join me as I share about Earth–based Healing Modalities, Movement (based on Gabrielle Roth’s 5 Rhythms), and the connections that these modalities have in common. Wear comfy clothes and be ready to get down.

We are the Medicine: The Four Elements of Collective Wellness, with

John Boyer

John Boyer

HAS graduating student John Boyer. Observing what is taking place in our communities as a result of changes in our economy, our sense of insecurity in relationship to our natural world, and the destabilization of many of our systems and institutions, I was motivated to explore deep listening, relationship, self–care practices, and discernment in my thesis work. I viewed these “four elements” as a way of supporting us in our effort to hold life’s tensions while continuing to maintain a strong sense of well–being. In my presentation, I will share about my journey in order to stimulate discussion about individual and collective wellness. I will invite guest to join me in exploring ideas about our individual and collective sense of well–being, making available a variety of recyclable and art making materials to use as we create, process ideas, and explore new questions.

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