Re-Kindling the Spiritual in a Postmodern World: Jeremy Johnson

1004603_10100305996203315_1775313750_nIMA Graduate Jeremy Johnson’s interdisciplinary, far-reaching blog looks at what he calls “emanant” possibilities in our contemporary world, including:

  • Potential for new kinds of human societies. I document “emanent folkways” – possible cultures and ways of life in our interconnected world.
  • Non-rational or non-Western modes of knowledge that have been previously excluded, but nevertheless hold vital understanding of ourselves and our world.
  • The rise of spiritual counter-culture as valid worldviews and visions for the future.
  • The creative imagination, the importance of understanding myth and valuing the sacred in contemporary culture.
  • Digital Culture and the New Media revolution.
  • Bringing together art and scholarship, academia and intuition, intellect and religious experience – crossing between worlds as a mode of intelligence.
  • Exploring our origins.
  • New philosophies that help articulate the contemporary shift in culture and consciousness.
  • Studying transformations, or evolutions in human culture and consciousness.

Check out his latest posts on eclectic topics, such as “Tom Cheetham on the Effects, and Hope, of Materialism” and “The Kind of Vision a Fiction Writer Needs.”

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