Environmental Studies Alumni Interviews New Graduate On Connection and Place in the Ozarks


Samantha at graduation (front row, far right)

Environmental Studies alumni Kelly Johnson just posted a marvelous interview she did with Samantha Hutchinson, a new Environmental Studies graduate whose thesis centered on place and community in the Ozarks. Samatha’s bioregional website for the Ozarks, Catawba Bean, focused on community, family and environment in the Ozarks. Kelly Johnson’s website also highlights on her thesis il_570xN.346334452project, the writing and publication of Wings, Worms and Wonder: A Guide for Creatively Integrating Gardening and Outdoor Learning Into Children’s Lives. Kelly now spends her days giving presentations and workshops on the book, and consulting with schools and centers.

In the interview, Kelly writes that Samantha “….provides a voice for the Ozarks in the global online community, using her 5th generation knowledge, through social media as a venue to ‘reengage with indigenous information…presented in a palatable way’ that she hopes will encourage the reader (Ozark resident or not) to connect with their environment.” Read the whole interview here.

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