Renga: Endings

DSCN0656At the February 2013 residency, Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg and Karen Campbell led a renga party, a chance to come together, experience Japanese treats and traditions, particularly the tradition of the renga. This ancient Japanese poetic form brings people together to write communal poems, each person adding more lines. Here is our renga on the theme of place, culture, home and endings:

Snow dims the trees

that sheltered our autumn conversations.

Moonlit halo of bone-cold radiance

memories forgotten, remembered

if only for an instant

This song is stuck in our heads

Its persistent melody in the collective bloodstream

Pulsing haunting beat

promises a rushing dawn

inspiration flight

DSCN0680and as we pull on our boots

we turn for one last glance

at the burning embers of the fire.

Yellow sparks flare, fad, drop, then grayed ash.

Memories on top of ashed memories.

Deep and penetrating into the night.

Sleep is not present

all that is here are memories

wrapped around the firs and pines

like snow, as snow, carrying

the ending to come out of this season

and as the ending comes,

we look forward to new beginnings

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