Renga: Beginnings

DSCN0678At the February 2013 residency, Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg and Karen Campbell led a renga party, a chance to come together, experience Japanese treats and traditions, particularly the tradition of the renga. This ancient Japanese poetic form brings people together to write communal poems, each person adding more lines. Here is our renga on the theme of place, culture, home and beginnings:

We enter, shake the winter

from our feet, the warmth

of the fire melts

There are chocolate puddles in the

scraped wooden slats dirt snow warmth winter

Early morning, pink sky, cold, very cold

Warmth fills the house as the wood burns

DSCN0679across from windows filled with snowy

branches, a criss-crossed world

lit from the sky, the land.

The chickadees forge within the white

surviving, thriving in the thrill of the fight.

It brings them closer, and together, we watch.

Our breath on the window blurring the lines

of frost-work on the panes, blending

our musings with morning’s clarity.

Steam rising, tangled spirals aloft,

hands cupped tight, ceramic vessel, sweet warmth.

This is where it all started

brilliantly simple in its beauty and truth.

Icicles perfect, forms crack

upon the warming earth

where a bud sprouts.

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