Place: Autonomy and Belonging

894_10152410206020319_492538804_n“When I hear ‘Place’ as a concept, my mind processes it on the macro level. It might be an awkward suggestion, because of its reduction to rhyme, but I see Place as a collection of spaces; of microcosms within the larger socio-geographic umbrella. Place is the city I live in (yes, Place is often urban) and the neighborhoods in which I live and work. My home and my workplace are spaces within the place known as Philadelphia, in the neighborhoods that some understand as South Philly and Queen Village. Real estate developers market and sell Place to increase their profits and power. But people continue to persist, despite this capitalist force, to redefine and cultivate autonomy and belonging within their spaces. In doing so they are reclaiming Place, from the micro through macro, together.” ~ Matthew Dineen, Individualized MA  

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