What does place mean to you?

When I think of place, several thoughts and concepts come to mind.  One is, place is a designated amount of space, earth, or a dwelling (noun).  Another thought that comes to mind is to put some thing down or away (verb).  One, in fact ,could “place” an object or idea in its “place”.  And, “place” does not exist without someone to perceive and name it.  Place may simply be an illusion, or, it may be personally orienting oneself, and therefore very real as in, “what is my place, where do I belong, in the family, community, world, or universe?” — Laurie Snyder-Anthony, Health Arts and Sciences BA


For me place is inexorably linked to time. When I am in places where important event occurred, be they personal or broader societal milestones, I think of the times & events I link to that place. — Ric Loll, Sustainable Business and Communities


When I think of “place,” I think of home; my sanctuary, the place where I feel my best. — Sharon D. Hughes, Health Arts and Sciences MA


Place is what gives meaning to space. Place is home while space is two beds and a bath, an address.  But, I don’t think place is merely a hypothetical construct.  It’s quite the opposite.  Place is necessarily bound by some kind of geography.  Moreover, space hardly ever (maybe never?) exists as only space.  It’s always occupied by someone in a manner that has some meaning.  Even Outer Space usually manifests itself in  a manner where we occupy it, even if only in our imagination (…to boldly go…). So, in this way, space is the hypothetical construct, a referent, and place fills the void.

Already here, I see I might be blending ideas and if we’re going to maintain conceptual distinctions, maybe space/place is not the one to focus on.  Instead, what about virtual v. imaginary? — Mike Carlson, Individualized MA

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