No hurricane will stop me

Grace Stanley (HAS-MA) outside Princeton Public Library.

It is around 9:20 pm, 30 degrees And my fingers are cold.  I am still uploading my ppt to google drive and prepare the full draft of my thesis that I have to mail out for editing that night. I have no power, no heat and no internet. So I have to tap into the wifi of the library.  I may not have external power post Sandy but I have inexhaustible internal power.  No hurricane will stop me from graduating in February.

Now, I stay warm at the shelter and volunteer as well.


After I came home from the shelter last night from volunteering, and fringe benefits of warmth and wi-fi, one volunteer said, “I hope when you reached Lytle St, my street, you’ll see the light.  Hallelujah.  On the 7th day, there was light.  I believe all the wishes and kind offers from schoolmates and friends got entangled with the power restoration efforts.

Now, off to the woods I go to run with my dog.  It is warmer to do that with the sun on my face than being inside the house with no heat.

Take care,


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