Journey Toward Divinity with Scott Youmans

Scott Youmans earned his MA in the Individualized MA some years back, but his journey continues, and now brings him to earn a master’s in Divinity at Starr King School for Ministry. He recently wrote a new blog post, “Journey Toward Divinity,” about what he’s bringing from Goddard forward on his new venture on his website This Energetic Man:

On my wall hangs a Master of Arts degree from Goddard College in Plainfield, Vermont. It is a transdisciplinary degree which reflects the questions I was holding in my heart at the time I enrolled and as they evolved over the three years I was in the program. These questions revolved around the concepts espoused by the Transformative Language Arts program, a framework of study and real life practicums that encouraged the development of one’s own voice while learning how the power of words can be used to enliven, empathize with, and transform lives and communities.

Read more about Scott here, check out his other posts about spirituality, TLA and personal growth, and read the rest of this fine post here.

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