Graduating Students Workshops at the Fall 2012 Residency

Current IMA student Miriam Gabriel with graduating student Kao Kue

Take a look at what our graduating students in the Sustainable Business & Communities (SBC), Health Arts & Sciences (HAS), and Individualized MA (IMA) program did during their time here, and get a better idea of what possible with your own studies, community work or art.

  • All Together Now: Using a Community-Driven, Non-Market-Based Approach to Sustainable Agriculture to Reorient Local Food Production for Greater Economic Equitability, with SBC graduating student Shawn Connell.
  • Art & Sustainability, with SBC student Sadie Derouin
  • Ashtang! (or the Eight-Limbed Path), with HAS graduating student Sierra Hollister
  • Embodied Movement and the Six Dynamic Relationships of Movement and Awareness, with HAS graduating student Jessica Lucas
  • The Eye of the Womb: A Sensory Exploration of the Seasons and Elements of Nature, with HAS graduating student Eliana Rubin
  • The Free-Range Atheist and the Unspirituality Playbook, with HAS graduating student Jennifer Martineau
  • Hard Stone, Hard Choices: An Arts & History-Informed Memorial Installation, with IMA graduating student Scott Candage
  • Lifting the Veil: Engaging with the Liminal Sense of Place that Reflects the Perceptions, Histories and Memories of Our Inner World, with IMA graduating student Desiree Brooker
  • Live to Work: Finding Right Livelihood and Developing a Restorative Systems Enterprise, with SBC graduating student Sophia Weiss
  • Lyme Disease: A Biological Catalyst for a Great Awakening, with HAS graduating student Lonna Anderson
  • Male Sexual Health and Youth, with HAS graduating student Mark Gunnery
  • Media in Service to Sustainable Communities: A New Model for Noncommercial Educational Radio, with SBC graduating student John Murphy
  • Natural Building and Placemaking: A Collaborative Approach to Sustainable Affordable Housing, with SBC graduating student Sophia Mackenzie
  • The Path: Creativity as Connection to the Soul, with HAS graduating student Sarah Fowler
  • The Phoenix Sings Flower Cloth Stories, with graduating IMA student Kao Kue
  • Releasing Democractric Voice: The Intersection of Embodiment, Gender, Patriarch, and Democracy, with IMA graduating student Katie Soule
  • The Role Organizations Play in Shaping Cultural Consciousness Relating to Sustainability Issues, with SBC graduating student Luke Morris

    Kelly Johnson

  • Sustainable Nonprofit Sector Careers, with SBC graduating student Isha Lee
  • Systems Design for a Just Sustainability Movement, with SBC graduating student Lisa Knoblauch
  • Transcendence of Cell, Self and Society, with IMA graduating student James Schofield
  • Wings, Worms, and Wonder: The Cultural and Developmental Significance of Creating a Nature-Study Guide for the 21st Century, with IMA graduating student Kelly Johnson
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