Fear, Resistance, Action and Change in Chicago: Reports by Matthew Dineen

Matthew Dineen, a current student in the Individualized MA Program, has been on the scene in Chicago, reporting on the May Day March, People’s Summit and NATO Week of Action, which happened in early May. Writing for Toward Freedom, a progressive journal, now on line, that has been in existence since 1952, Matthew wrote “From the Streets of Chicago Spring: May Day and Beyond,”  and “Fear and Resistance in Chicago: The People’s Summit and NATO Week of Action” that followed the May Day event. In addition to giving historical context to the march and other actions, Matthew looked at what these events could mean to our current history. He also wrote about what he saw in the Occupy Movement at the May Day event:

The march itself had large contingents from organized labor and student groups raising awareness about student debt and recent cuts in education funding. I saw this multiplicity of issues as important, essential even, as it helps amplify their intersections within a systemic framework. The Occupy movement has no doubt helped illuminate these connections. This is a radical approach to effecting change as it gets to the root of the multiple crises we currently face. They are part of the same system.

Read both articles at Toward Freedom along with Matthew’s forthcoming article on other aspects of this rising movement.

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